Rimamid fits well for making gears. Blanks are quickly processed, and finished goods have many advantages over gears made of other materials.
Rimamid proved itself as a material replacing babbitt, bronze and other materials in bushings of sleeve bearings and guide bushings.
The most important parameters when choosing a material for cable block production are durability and friction ratio. Alongside with these, not less important is the material cost and the cost of processing. As a result, Rimamid is the optimal material for cable blocks.
For production of support pads different materials from steel to caprolon were used, but each of them had certain disadvantages. The use of Rimamid has become an optimum solution judging by the combination of many parameters.
When developing HORT (RUSAK 3819) amphibious rover durable and lightweight materials were required. Considering various options for wheels production its designers selected metal-replacing composite material Rimamid.
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